In English

For generations, most of my relatives have been artists. Of these, the most famous is my grandfather, the painter Nils Dardel. As a child, I was constantly painting and drawing together with my mother and with my brother and sister. Thus, my choice of career came rather naturally.

I was born in Stockholm in 1954, but moved with my father to Scania in the south of Sweden as a young child. Upon finishing school, I enrolled at the Forum Art Academy in Malmö, Sweden, in 1975. For the next three years, I was tutored by Gerhard Nordstršm and Staffan Nihlén. Following this, I studied for a year at the Forum School of Graphic Art, under Bertil Lundberg. (Both these schools have since become part of Malmö Art Academy.)

As a child I was fascinated by surrealist art, and as an adult I was particularly inspired by artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, Francis Bacon and Max Ernst, but also by Caravaggio, Michelangelo and Rembrandt. For the most part I work in a surrealist tradition, but I also engage in traditional landscape painting and paint portraits.

I work in pencil, water colour and oil. For many years I have taught painting and drawing in Ekeö near Stockholm, where I live and work since 1985.

Since 1977 I have been exhibiting frequently in art galleries around Sweden, at times together with my brother, the artist Henry Unger. My art can be found at Malmö Art Museum and in various municipalities in Sweden.

In June 2009, I was awarded the Ekerö Prize for Culture.